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From your new Affiliate Dashboard, you will be able to keep track of your referred sales and commissions earned with regard to certain paid programs offered by Commonwealth Capital, LLC.

You will also have access to an electronic library of promotional tools you can use to help you in your sales.

How to get started

  • Complete the Registration Form with all information required
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  • Finally, login and share your unique affiliate link with banners, graphics, and other tools on your affiliate dashboard via email, social media, and SMS. Earn sales commissions by driving deal flow into the first step of our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ by getting prospects onto and paying for our Financial Architect System Course™ at https://courses.ccu.online. You’ll also earn subsequent commissions from those same prospects who later continue with a paid subscription for the remainder of our program.

How you'll get paid

Earned and qualified commissions are deposited monthly into your PayPal Account. If you need to set up a PayPal account, click here


Please refer to the Affiliate Terms of Use & Service End User License Agreement for more questions. 
Please refer to our Commonwealth Capital Investment Policy Statement for questions regarding our investment fund.  

Legal Notice: Commonwealth Capital, LLC, its affiliated distributors, agents, and employees are not engaged in the practice of law and cannot provide you with legal advice (except for those attorneys that hold themselves out as such and engaged in a separate agreement). Commonwealth Capital, LLC provides educational material and document preparation software, products, and related services. If you should decide that your situation requires the rendering of legal advice, please contact a licensed attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction.

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